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FAQ: Questions and Answers About Mobile Massageat Home Massage Melbourne 0409 422 680 in Melbourne

What space will you need for an at home massage?

Any space where you are comfortable that is warm enough and not too hot. I bring my massage table for your at home massage and I can set it up anywhere where there is enough room, even outside if it's comfortable for a massage.

Do I need to provide towels for the at home massage?

For your at home massage I provide towels, oils and bring my own massage table.

I have an injury; will in hurt to massage those muscles?

People experience pain differently. If the area where I'm performing the massage on gets too painful you need to let me know. The nature of some injuries is that the massage can be painful to loosen up the muscles. I will explain the type of massage that you will receive and if it is likely to be slightly painful. The type of massage depends on the symptoms as well and if it the issue relates to a specific injury. I always go through a set of questions when we first meet and examine the affected tissues and the surrounding area to come to a diagnosis and massage treatment plan.

Last Updated on Thursday, 01 December 2011 10:50