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Before commencing treatment, a thorough assessment is made to determine the most appropriate type of massage for your injury or condition. All clients receive comprehensive information, to ensure that you are informed and comfortable with the treatment that is about to be undertaken.

Myotherapy is unique in that it consists of an integrated approach to the treatment of the joints, nerves and muscles involved. Myotherapy uses standard methods of testing to determine the treatment required, includes exercises to complement the treatment and is focussed on prevention of (re)injury. In all a powerful treatment to treat and ease pain.
If you have an injury from sport, accident or surgery, a Remedial Massage uses specific massage techniques to manipulate and stretch muscles, increase flexibility, lessen muscle spasms & help break down scar tissue. This type of massage is used for treating all muscular ailments which have inhibited your normal life style.
To address specific problems associated with physical and mental fatigue, severe muscular pain, injury, sporting and occupational injuries and rehabilitation Deep Tissue Massage is used. The focus for this type of massage is on the deep layers of muscle tissue. The aim is to create an improved range of movement through the joints by using a more intense remedial massage and stretching techniques.
Injuries and conditions that are associated with exercise can be treated with a regular Sports Massage. The massage not only relieves the existing condition, but can help prevent future injuries. Different massage techniques are used to treat sporting injuries or ailments. A Sports Massage is beneficial to everyone, regardless of how much or how little a person exercises.

To simply relax or to lessen the effects of depression, stress and anxiety, a Relaxation Massage can be very effective. This type of massage uses a smooth flowing style that relieves muscle tension, increases blood flow, thereby improving circulation and it also helps with the removal of toxins from the body and improves general health.
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